Enterprise Risk Manager
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Job Description

Responsible for implementing and overseeing the Credit Union's Enterprise Risk Management program,ensuring that all potential risks to the Credit Union are identified and managed with effective internal controls.Performs risk assessments of all Credit Union products and services. Manages the Credit Union's disaster
recovery and business continuity program. Maintains the Credit Union's surety bond and insurance package toprotect Credit Union assets. Develops and maintains the Credit Union's risk loss and fraud prevention program.


* Manages the Credit Unions enterprise risk management program. Performs risk assessments ofall Credit Union products and services to identify and quantify potential risks. Developsappropriate internal controls to mitigate and manage those risks. Maintains the Credit Unionsinformation security, disaster recovery, and business continuity programs.

* Manages the Credit Unions vendor management program. Performs required due diligence of allthird party relationships to mitigate vendor risk and ensure continuity of service andconfidentiality of information.

* Manages the Credit Unions risk loss and fraud prevention program. Coordinates fraud andsecurity breach investigations and responses to protect the Credit Union from losses due to fraud,theft, data breaches, and similar incidents.

* Maintains the Credit Unions surety bond and all necessary insurance coverages.

* Prepares periodic risk management reports to Senior Managers and the Board of Directors.

* Works in conjunction with the Training Department in implementing new risk management andloss prevention procedures that impact operations.

1. Develop, maintain, and demonstrate current knowledge of risk management practices and applicable laws,rules, and regulations to ensure the Credit Union has adequate internal controls to effectively manage riskand minimize potential losses to the Credit Union.
2. Ensure departments and staff are informed of new or revised risk management policies or proceduresaffecting their areas of responsibility within the required time frame as set down by management.
3. Develop and maintain a library of risk management resources to enable employees to educate themselves inrelevant areas.
4. Prepare and deliver assigned reports in a timely, accurate manner.
5. Keep management informed of key operating issues affecting the credit union or any department.
6. Troubleshoot and resolve member and internal inquiries in a timely, accurate manner.
7. Provide informed, professional, accurate service and support to all members and associates.